Mission Statement

No driving needed!  PrivateTutoring.Com combines the effectiveness of the brick and mortar world with the cost-efficiency and convenience of the distance learning world to create an interactive platform — one ideally suited for maintaining interest, heightened enrichment and productive learning.

Whether the goal is to sharpen an existing skill or to develop an entirely new one, PrivateTutoring.Com is your schoolhouse in the cloud.

Private Tutoring

At PrivateTutoring.Com,
your success is our success!

Online Anytime Training 24/7/365

Oh, but there is so much more too.  Gone are the days of driving, traffic jams and parking.  Our online private lessons are all conducted through your computer and conducted in an interactive, virtual manner with a live instructor who is considered by his/her peers to be a specialist in the field.  And we don’t simply say it.  We guarantee it.  If you do not agree that your private tutor is an expert in the material, simply let us know within 24 hours of the first session and credit for the entire session will be posted back to your account to be used at a different time with a different instructor.  Simply put — if you are not happy, then we are not happy.

The Private Tutoring Team

Our talented tutoring team consists of patient, motivational instructors who recognize the importance of a well-prepared lesson plan.  Each is considered to be a master of his/her skill and is eager to share that knowledge with others who possess an interest in learning.

Our Promises To You

We promise to try our very best to make you happy, to help you learn the material and to help you succeed.  This is very important to us.  Your success is our success.

Our best form of advertising is word of mouth from those who have taken our program, learned the material and then proceeded to implement it in their daily lives.  We see examples of this regularly and are quite proud of our extraordinary success rate and high levels of customer satisfaction.

One of the many advantages to private tutoring is that the pace is your own.  Going faster or slower is never a problem.  Besides being knowledgeable and friendly, our instructors are all extremely patient and this will typically translate to a better learning experience.

Whether you are traveling as a passenger in a plane, train, boat, car or simply enjoying a sunny day at the beach…we can easily go with you and make your day more productive, informative and educational.

Are you an early morning person?  A late night one?  A midnight oil-burner?  Doesn’t matter.  Our trainers collectively work around the clock and private tutoring sessions can be arranged at any time of day or night,  including weekends and holidays.  After all, what is important to us is that it is convenient to you.  Simply let us know which time(s) work for you best and we will be happy to help you schedule your private tutoring session(s) in that exact time-slot.

We promise to perform our private tutoring service at a reasonable price with a performance guarantee.  If, ever, you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the private lessons you receive from PrivateTutoring.Com, simply let us know within 24 hours of your initial class and your entire tuition for the unsatisfactory period will be credited back to your tuition account for future use with another instructor.

Not only are our hand-selected instructors knowledgeable and considered to be a master of the material they each teach, but additionally, each is personable, fun,  articulate and patient.

Each private lesson goes at your pace.  Slow, fast or in-between, it’s up to you and we would be happy to assess, evaluate and accommodate your personalized training needs.

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