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We are always looking for energetic, friendly, patient and knowledgeable private tutors who have an interest in providing our customers with online-training in a variety of topics.  To teach a beginning topic, we require a complete mastery of the same topic on an advanced level.  Importantly, we also require a well-rounded personality, good communication skills, maturity, reliability and a high level of professionalism.  Our instructors are typically outgoing individuals with fun personalities who like to help and teach others.  They are usually experts at their topic and enjoy doing both the task at hand and private tutoring, itself.  Moreover, they enjoy their work and it shows.  As a result, our academic students learn quickly with less effort and soak up difficult material more readily than students studying under different conditions.  Our remote video presentation is a great facilitator towards this cause as well.  No tidying up the living room is necessary and, of course, no driving is needed.  Not only is our interactive, online format more convenient, but it helps keep the costs of private tutoring down while allowing students to meet with topic specialists who may physically live in a different part of the world.

Finally, all classes at PrivateTutoring.Com are conducted synchronously in a live format so that students can raise a hand and ask an immediate question at any time throughout the private tutoring session.  This facilitates better learning, better comprehension and overall better results.  With our private online format, the private tutor moves solely at the student’s pace — whether that ends up being very fast, very slow or anywhere in between.

The salary for our team of online private tutors is among the best in the online training industry.  We are able to offer this due to our category-defining domain name which brings in natural, organic traffic unlike most of our online training competitors.  As the industry leader, we take great pride in the high rate of pay for our private tutors, the number of teaching hours with which we are able to provide them, and the caliber of students we attract.

Thank you for considering employment with PrivateTutoring.Com — we encourage you to reach out to us and let us know what specific topic it is that you feel qualified to teach. We feel that private tutoring is quite enjoyable and look forward to speaking with those who share the same passion about teaching students and helping others.

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